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Mission Statement


The Youth Service connects with Young people through personal and social learning opportunities that enable them to achieve their full potential.


Our Values:


Voluntary Participation 

Young people chose to engage with us

Equal Opportunities

We create safe welcoming spaces for young people from all backgrounds


We encourage young people to be heard and influence change


We work with integrity in a non-judgemental way; challenging discriminatory



                       We work with the community to raise the aspirations of young people

More Information about the Gibraltar Youth Service


The Youth Service was started in Gibraltar in 1963. It forms part of the Ministry of Youth, whose Minister is The Hon S Linares.


The Gibraltar Youth Service is staffed by:
One Principal Youth Officer, two Senior Youth & Community Workers and five full time Youth and Community Workers. In addition to this, the Service employs fifteen paid part time Youth Support Workers and a number of mentors and volunteers.

The team is based on the first floor of Lolo’s Hall Building inside the patio at Montagu Bastion, (behind the Youth Centre) Line Wall Road.

The Youth Service allocates grants to associations delivering Youth Work and aims to involve and enable young people.  Support is also given to various groups such as The Luce Foundation and performing arts groups with rehearsal space, fund raising opportunities and workshops.  The Youth Service also acts as a clearing house for many youth initiatives including local ethnic groups, neighbourhood initiatives and parents support groups.


As a Government department the Youth Service contributes towards the work of 'The Youth Advisory Council', 'The Drugs Advisory Council', 'Child Protection Committee' and  also works closely with professionals from these and other NGO’s to promote and protect young peoples’ interests and safety.


An integral part of the Youth Service’s work is to actively foster young peoples’ involvement and empowerment in all matters of the community and particularly in those areas of greatest concern and relevance to them.  To this end the Youth Service plays an integral role on the council chaired by the Minister for Youth, which includes representative from all sectors of the “Youth Community” including registered youth groups, student representation, ethnic groups and individual members.


The Youth Service maintains a fully trained and inducted work force, with JNC degree qualified full time Youth & Community Workers and locally trained part time Youth Support Workers that undergo and have to successfully complete a locally validated course.

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