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The Calpe House Trust is (we would say deservedly) probably one of the most cherished and supported charity by our local community. The level of support may reflect a sensitivity to the sterling work the charity does in offering and maintaining a ‘home away from home’ for Gibraltarians needing critical medical treatment in London. With the purchase of new premises at Norfolk Square (in order to significantly improve the invaluable services they provide), our bastion in times of want, is itself in dire need of our help, specifically in assisting with the procuring of much-needed funding. 


As part of these efforts, the Gibraltar Youth Production team (GYPT) members have held special studio portrait sessions (in exchange of a suggested minimum donation of £20.00). Sessions were held for a week from Sunday 24th March- Saturday 30th March, between 10am-8pm, where the subject  interacted with and were photographed on a purpose made Gibraltar themed throne, kindly sponsored by EY.

We have now opened up a new and final date for people how have missed out... So come along, Friday 26th April. 

Props are welcome (e.g. a book, a special tea or coffee mug, a football, paint brushes, a particular garment, inspirational quote, etc.) as the aim is to capture the diverse, individual personalities of those in our community wishing to contribute to these fundraising efforts. The portrait is meant for individuals, but those whom may want to ‘include’ a wider, family element could always do so by including family photographs or items in their sitting.


Some illustrious members of our community such as His Excellency the Governor, the Chief Minister and other well-known faces in Gibraltar, have already participated, as have members of many local businesses, departments and groups who have this as an opportunity for team-building, and who also welcome the fact that we can arrange for the individual portraits to be grouped together in a collage such as the sample appearing beside this article, and which would make a lovely print to hang up in their premises. 


The images will be given as a digital copy to the sitters, and they are also intended to be included in a coffee table book of all sitters, to take pride of place (together with the throne itself) at the Calpe House’s new premises in London. The images may also form part of an exhibition celebrating the fundraising efforts. 

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