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The Gibraltar Youth Service offer a range of exciting and diverse placements for students wanting to study Youth & Community Work. All placements are structured around the National Occupational Standards and meet the requirements of the relevant course. 

Placement opportunities are offered across all Youth Service Teams.  A carousel-style placement is encouraged to enable students the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of youth work settings, using different types of youth work delivery with diverse groups of young people.   

Every placement is bespoke to the individual student, and support is provided in the form of mentoring and supervision for the duration of the placement.  This supportive and nurturing environment encourages critical analysis, reflection and personal development of every student.

Within each placement, students will experience the day-to-day challenges of becoming an effective youth worker in a community setting. Each student will experience working within a staff team and delivering a dynamic programme of activities to young people, with the aim to engage young people in positive activities that promote life skills, healthy relationships and personal expression and development within their community/provision. 


Students are encouraged to use a person-centred approach to allow young people to explore their individual barriers to engagement and/or progression. 

Students will be expected to commit to working set evenings every week. This will ensure consistency in the support for young people. 

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